Five Easy Ways To Capture a Screenshot in Windows 10

After you’ve opened the tool, you can paste the image (Ctrl + V) from your clipboard there. You can easily capture the whole screen by pressing one or more hotkeys on the keyboard, and the screenshot will be saved to a default folder on your PC automatically. Nevertheless, this method is easy, but its disadvantage is also inevitable, i.e., you have to remember the keyboard combo to get the screenshot in different situations. An alternative keyboard shortcut that might work a little better if you only want to capture a screenshot of an active window is to use Alt + PrtSc. However, be aware that this send the screenshot to your clipboard, not to the Pictures folder.

  • Even now, Microsoft has prioritized PCs based on factors such as how old they are and how compatible they are with Windows 11.
  • The Tips app is installed with every copy of Windows 10 and, as the name suggests, delivers an assortment of suggestions for accomplishing tasks.
  • On a similar note, Windows 11 has also experienced performance problems with some solid-state storage devices.

Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. Read built-in reviews submitted by users to know more about products. Startup manager to add, remove, disable startup items.

Perform Windows + Print Screen keys

I had to roll back from build to build or my computer wouldn’t boot at all. Just chiming in to say after the latest update from Microsoft I can no longer launch wsl2 and am receiving the same errors. After that, press the F10 key on your keyboard to save the changes and restart your computer. As your computer is booting up, you will have to boot into the BIOS menu. To do that, press the respective key for your motherboard which usually is DEL, F2, F10 or ESC.

In the left pane, under the Uninstall key, you will find different installed programs. Once you locate the program, right-click on it and select Delete. Most apps usually leave leftover files on your computer that consume valuable space.

How to Screenshot on Windows – Screenshot on PC Tutorial

3.Once you take a screenshot, you will see “Screenshot Saved” notification, letting you know that the screenshot has been saved on your computer. To save the screenshot, you will have to Paste the Screenshot to Paint, which allows you to save the File in PNG, JPEG and other formats. Or any other location, where you want to save the screenshot. If you can’t get the ones above to work, some laptops and other devices require a modified key combo.

Selecting the Feature Update

Click/tap on App & features on the left side, click/tap on a Windows app or desktop app on the right side you want to uninstall, and click/tap on the Uninstall button. IObit Uninstaller allows you to easily visualize how much space each app is taking on your disk, and it also allows you to remove multiple pre-installed Windows apps at once. This is also the safer method as it will let you create a restore point before uninstalling the app. While it is possible to remove multiple programs at once with a few third-party uninstallers, Only IObit Uninstaller offers this feature for free.

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